January 10th
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I purchased V.I.P. passes for week 2. So I no longer need this (tag a friend who might be interested) I’ll reply w/ info via email. I am selling them through stub hub for secure transaction (no craigslist shadiness here) #coachella #coachella2014 #generaladmission #shuttlepass #coachellaweek1 #coachellaweekone #stubhub #musicfestival

Grand Opening NYC Diesel Flagship 2009 #tbt #dieseldays @renzorosso is an awesome person, enjoyed hanging w/ him during the G.O.

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Diesel Flagship Grand Opening NYC 2009 #dieseldays #tbt @rex_leone

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Diesel Flagship Grand Opening 2009 #tbt #dieseldays @ianfland_hairstylist

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November 3rd
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May I have your attention please


  1. Holding down a job is not a measure of value.
  2. Attending school is not a measure of value.
  3. Whether or not you can “contribute” to society is not a measure of whether or not your life is valuable and worth preserving.

These are standards held up by a society values money and production over everything else. If you think life has any less value or worth because of an inability to do any of the above you re fucking wrong.

That’s all.


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